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Info: s.vassura@cadarte.it

Tel/Fax +39 (0)546 21378
Mobile +39 320 2662848

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Susanna Vassura was born in 1973 in Faenza where she lives and works. She got a Ceramic Art Teaching diploma at the Institute of Ceramic Art "G. Ballardini"- Faenza with specialization in stoneware and Porcelain, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna.
Her artistic experience and work, well sostained by an uncommon technical skill and great talent, is highlighted by important pubblic exhibitions in Italy and abroad, receiving important acknowledgments.
The magical suggestion of her works, her bearded fauni and her figures are gentle whispers, smooth dreams where distant worlds are merged in a present that runs under her fingers as the clay she molds.
The music of her sinuous cats (arpa-gatto, gattoflauto...), egiptian sfingean creatures, is enigmatic as her intimate world, misterious and fascinating.